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plastic pollution

environmental issues

How To Reduce Your Exposure To Microplastics

environmental impacts

Accor to ban all single-use plastics by end 2022

ban cigarette filters

New York lawmakers want to ban cigarette filters


Plastic pollution entangles marine life

carbon footprint

We need a holistic approach to material use.

Caribbean countries

7 Caribbean countries to ban plastic in 2020

Ban Plastic Bags

These 16 U.S. States Have a Ban on Banning Plastic?!

climate change

9 Easy Things You Can Do to Save the Ocean

climate change

Ending recycling as we know it


A Lucrative Cure For Plastic Pollution?


Made in the Pacific Ocean

Clean Water Act

Using an Old Law to Fight New Plastic Pollution

climate change

I’ve Been Ecobricking Here’s Why You Should Too


Recycled plastic isn’t going to save us


Where plastic outnumbers fish by seven to one

environmental impact

Formosa to pay $50M in pellet pollution settlement


How worried should we be about microplastics?