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Brain Injury Association of America

For more than three decades, the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) has proudly led the nation in observing Brain Injury Awareness Month by conducting an engaging public awareness campaign in March of each year. The Haultail™ Team is excited to take part in Brain Injury Awareness month because it does effect many American’s as well as more than 350,000 service members since 2000 and that doesn’t include our Veterans. For the month of March D.O.D. members and their families are encouraged to use #ThinkAhead to share their experiance with Tramatic Brain Injury in the Military. The theme for the 2018 to 2020 campaign is Change Your Mind through the Brain Injury Association. The #ChangeYourMind public awareness campaign provides a platform for educating the general public about the incidence of brain injury and the needs of people with brain injuries and their families. Individuals who join us to help raise awareness with the #ChangeYourMind campaign are essential to: -De-stigmatizing brain injury through outreach within the brain injury community -Empowering those who have survived brain injury and their caregivers -Promoting the many types of support that are available to people living with brain injury


Support Red Cross Month All of March

Each year, the president of the United States proclaims March “Red Cross Month.” We use this month as a chance to honor and celebrate the everyday heroes who help us fulfill our mission. This March, we encourage you to uncover your inner hero. Choose one or more of the options below. Be a hero today! read more

Brain Injury Awareness Month

The purpose of Brain Injury Awareness Month, in March, is to demonstrate the Defense Department’s commitment to traumatic brain injury, or TBI, awareness, and to educate and provide resources about brain injuries to service members, veterans, family members and health care professionals. More than 350,000 Service Members have sustained a Tramatic Brain Injurt since 2000. read more

National Cancer Prevention Month

February is National Cancer Prevention Month. The Haultail™ Team is happy to support the efforts of Cancer Prevention as well as share ways to prevent cancer! Research has shown that more than 40 percent of all cancers diagnosed and nearly half of all deaths from cancer in the United States can be attributed to preventable read more

World Cancer Day is February 4th

World Cancer Day is February 4th! No matter who you are, you have the bower to reduce the impact of cancer for yourself, the people you love and the world! Make a personal commitmnt with #IAmAndIWill. The World Cancer Day campaign for 2019 marks the launch of a 3-year “I Am And I Will” campaign read more

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Kicks off on January 28th and lasts until Febuary 19th! 2019 is the Year of the Pig! Preperations for the new year begin on January 28th and lasts until New Years Eve on Febuary 4th! This is known as the Little Year. When Chinese new Year officially begins on Febuary 5th and read more