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Haultail® App Provides Pickup
& Delivery Service On-Demand

New & Used Purchases. Storage Moves. Junk Removal.

Deliveries within 4 hours.

Expedited deliveries in 2 hours.

Delivery Network • The Last Mile

SCHEDULE 24/7. Deliveries made 7 days a week, 6am-8pm
YOUR ITEMS ARE READY FOR PICKUP, LET’S HAULTAIL THEM Haultail is an On-Demand Delivery Network. Available 24/7. Your items are trackable in real time.
Everything is automated from pickup to delivery. Having your items delivered has never been easier.

Courier Service

Get your urgent deliveries handled!

You can have a local courier, who is available to you on-demand, deliver your packages locally. Your courier can even be scheduled in advance.

They can be at the pickup location at a time of your choosing, including evenings and weekends.


Store Will Call

Do you demand fast delivery from retailers whether buying online or buying in the brick and mortar store?

We can go to any retailer to pick up and deliver your items so you never leave home. Or your team never has to leave the job site.

Pick up from any retailer or home to home delivery.


Online Delivery

You like to buy and sell online. Services like Craigslist, Offerup & Letgo make it easy.

Meeting the seller or buyer, maybe not so much.

That is where we come in. Let us Haultail your item to your buyer. Or even Haultail it from the seller to you.


Storage Moves

Your items are waiting to go into storage. Or you want them out of storage. But you’re too busy. Or maybe your vehicle is too small.

Whatever the reason, you need to Haultail it.

Delivery on-demand has never been so easy.


Junk Removal

Have a bunch of junk lying around? Maybe you are too busy. Or maybe your vehicle is too small.

Whatever the reason, you need to Haultail it.

Tap the App to have Haultail remove your junk and debris. You can have a truck and movers at your location today!

Tap the App and Haultail your junk to the nearest transfer station.


Demobags & Haultail Bags

The most durable and reliable bags for your debris. It doesn't get any stronger than Demobags & Haultail Bags.

Not a trash bag, it’s a demolition bag. It’s reusable and it holds up to 110 pounds.

Designed for DIY'ers, remodelers, construction companies and more. Superior durability.

Perfect bag for construction or DIY projects.


Hassle free delivery


Help when you need it

Indisposed and need help to move heavy items? Can’t get rid of unwanted debris or want something delivered urgently? Haultail® is the simple way to get help fast.

The Armed Services

We are an advocate for helping and aiding veterans and employing the armed forces, police and civil service, past and present. We value your service.

Instant price calculations, no quotes

Contacting Haultail® does not entail phone calls and quotes, the App gives clear accurate pricing calculations, for all transactions. Just follow the step by step instructions and cut out the hassle.

Customer Service

Haultail® is committed to customer service and satisfaction and strives to provide a seemless service from start to finish, for all our customers, whatever their needs. With fully vetted and insured drivers, an easy to use, straight forward App, clear pricing and a professional courteous service, we know you will use us time and time again.

Save time and energy

Time is money and in our increasingly busy lives we don’t always have enough time or the know-how to access the right transport. Get instant help when you need it with the user friendly App, that connects you to the professional network of fast assistance.