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What is Haultail?

Haultail is an application offering a convenient way to schedule on-demand pick-up or delivery services through our network of certified drivers. The Haultail system matches the items you want transported to the most appropriate vehicle and provides you instant pricing for the service requested.

Haultail allows you to arrange pick-up or delivery of new and used items from stores, homes, or storage spaces, as well as disposal of junk/debris to appropriate disposal sites. Haultail can even arrange for your discarded stuff to be taken to donation centers.

Is there a Haultail Driver App?

Drivers use the same application as the consumers but have a separate login on the main menu, which allows certified drivers to seek and accept jobs in your local area.

What is Haultail Pro?

Haultail Pro is a B2B application that allows businesses requiring multi-inline deliveries, larger sized vehicles and / or longer distance deliveries to obtain “Last Mile” services at a reasonable cost. To become a Pro Driver you must have a pick-up truck or larger vehicle and undergo additional vetting in accordance with Department of Transportation requirements.

Where do I get Haultail?

Haultail® and Haultail Pro are available in the Android store and the Apple store. The Haultail® website allows consumers to get a quote and have it ready for them in the App. The App contains all necessary functionality to enable users to sign up, schedule a pick-up or delivery, and track the delivery in real time.

What does Haultail not deliver?

Haultail is not a food delivery service or a rideshare. We cannot pick up food, give people rides, or pick-up or deliver animals. For a list of prohibited uses, please see our terms and conditions, which can be found here:

Is the Haultail App Free?

Yes, the Haultail® App is available to download and register at no cost from both the Android store and the Apple store. Orders and related services are not free and have costs associated when using the App.

How do I download the App?

You can find the download links or text to download the link at the following webpage:
When using the Android Google Play Store, use this shortcut:
When using the Apple App Store, use this shortcut:

What are the terms and conditions of Haultail?

Terms of Use setting the conditions for the use of Haultail can be found at the following link:

What is the Privacy Policy of Haultail?

The Privacy Policy of Haultail can be found at the following link:


Can you come today or tomorrow?

Yes. The App is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, including weekends and holidays. Schedule your service when it is convenient for you and a Haultailer® will pick-up or deliver between 6 am and 8 pm. Every job is completed in a four-hour window. If needed, Express Service is also available for an additional fee.

What's your next availability?

We pick-up and deliver between 6 am and 8 pm., 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The App is available to use at any time, and you can schedule your service when it is convenient for you.

Is the price shown an “estimate”?

No. The price quoted in the App is the actual price for the job. You can be confident that what you see quoted in the App is what you will be expected to pay. No surprises, no hidden charges. The only time the price changes is if the items submitted do not match the items when the Haultailer® arrives to pick up your stuff.

What if I add more items to the existing order?

Adding more items is not a problem, as long as the vehicle the App has matched to your order can still accommodate the job. If so, the driver will add and have you approve any additional costs that may apply based on your changes. If the items do not fit, then a second trip, a second vehicle, or a larger vehicle may be necessary at an additional cost. All additional costs will be disclosed to you for your approval before the job begins.

Is the price shown per hour or for the whole job?

The price quoted in the App is for the whole job. You can be confident that what you see quoted in the App is what you will be expected to pay. No surprises, no hidden charges.

I am unable to lift.

You do not need to do any lifting. Your driver will do the loading and unloading. You can relax. Leave it to us. We pick up and deliver every day of the week, so feel free to schedule your service when it is most convenient for you.

How do I know how many people will be on the job?

You will find all the information you need inside of the Haultail® App. Contained within the App, you’ll find the number of drivers, the vehicle, accurate pricing, item tracking, and more.

Can you meet me at the store?

Yes, with advance notice you can schedule to have a driver meet you anywhere.

I can't fit it in my car, can you provide me with immediate assistance?

While our standard delivery window is four hours, you can choose the expedited option, and, if available, a Haultailer® will arrive within two hours or less. Drivers can communicate with you through the App, which will allow you to agree on a time.

You can also choose to leave your items at the pick-up location, such as a will-call or pick-up window, and a Haultailer® will pick up your goods from there. As long as you upload the receipt, you will not have to be present at pick-up!

Please note that Haultail® is not responsible for the safety of your goods before your Haultailer® arrives, so please be sure that you have left them in a safe, secure location.

How much does it cost to use Haultail?

The base price is $9.95 and changes based upon the type of vehicle, size requirement, and distance traveled. This offers a more cost effective, time saving solution than renting a truck to perform the service yourself. Simply put, using Haultail® saves you time and money.

Are there ever additional costs?

Additional charges apply only if the items are not ready, do not match the size and weight descriptions submitted in the App, or if special circumstances, such as stairs or special equipment are required. You can rest assured that there are no hidden charges. Any cost increases are fully disclosed prior to job execution and require your approval before the job begins.

What if I do not agree with additional charges?

If you do not agree to any additional charges, your job will be cancelled and the Haultailer® will not perform the services.

Who pays the fees for the landfill when I want junk and debris removed?

All fees are included in the price given. The only time there are additional fees are if the size and weight are incorrect, or if your junk and debris contains prohibited items which the Haultailer® is not permitted to haul. You can find our list of prohibited items here:

What if I do not want to send my items to the landfill and pay that cost?

Some items cannot be donated and legally must be disposed of at a waste center. If your items are acceptable to be donated, then they can be routed to a donation center instead, at no additional cost. The Haultailer® will obtain a tax form after the load is dropped that can be used to claim deductions on such items.

Can I ride with my driver?

No. Haultail® is specifically for hauling items and not ridesharing for individuals. Therefore, your driver can pick up and deliver for you but cannot pick up or deliver you or your friends.

Does Haultail courier small items?

Yes, Haultail® does single pick-up and drop-offs of any size. The App matches the size or the item to a local driver to fulfill your request.

If you have multiple drop offs or a regular routine, we offer the Haultail Pro service, which allows you to negotiate jobs and pricing.


How do I sign up to be a driver?

Download the Haultail® App in the Android or Apple store and go to the main menu and click the yellow button that says Driver. There you will be asked to supply information to qualify you to be reviewed for approval.

What is the difference between a Haultail driver and a Haultail PRO driver?

A standard Haultailer® performs local pick-up or delivery for a single customer in distances up to about 20 miles. A Pro Haultailer® can do multiple in-line deliveries and / or haul longer distances and do backloads picked up by the leaderboard. Haultail Pro is by invitation only and requires additional qualifications, including certifications with the Department of Transportation.

What is required to be a driver?

You must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license as well as insurance and registration of a vehicle that also has your name associated to it. Valid registration and insurance are likewise required for trailers. More detailed information on our driver requirements can be found here

Is there a background check?

Yes, once you have gone through our initial sign up and been accepted as a Haultailer, we require a background check and MVR screening before you are able to accept your first job. Just like with rideshare, we have a commitment to customers to offer them the best service, provided by qualified and vetted drivers who have passed all safety requirements.

Do I have to have a truck to be a Haultailer®?

No. You can own a motorcycle, passenger vehicle, van, SUV, truck, box truck, or any type of vehicle that is in good appearance and safe operating condition meeting the laws of your local Department of Motor Vehicles. The type of vehicle you have, however, will affect the types of jobs you can be assigned to.

Do I have to own a car to be a Haultail driver?

At this time, all Haultailers® have some form of the form of a motorized vehicle. We do plan eventually to offer Haultail by scooter, bicycle, or on foot in our larger cities, but that is not yet available.

I own a car, what can I haul?

As the owner of a car, you will be able to do courier jobs. All loads, from small to large, light to heavy, are sized appropriately to your vehicle.

Do I have to have my vehicle inspected?

Yes, your vehicle must be inspected by your state of registration and pass all legal requirements. You also must submit pictures of the exterior your entire vehicle, including the cargo space available to haul items.

What does a Haultailer® deliver?

Haultailers® pick up or deliver anything from new in-store purchases to used items from a customer’s home or business to online purchase or stores. We can also haul junk and debris to the landfill or reusable items to donation centers. All items are categorized by what your vehicle can take or any other limitations on your ability to provide service.

Is there a lifting of certain weight requirement?

No. However, Haultailers® of larger items in trucks, vans, trailers and box trucks, must be able to lift 70lbs+.

Do I need any other equipment?

Haultailers® are required to have appropriate safety equipment that relates to the deliveries they are performing, such as blankets, tarps, tie down straps, gloves and the like. If you do not have proper safety equipment, you will be excluded from being able to accept certain job types.

Do I have to have a certain type of phone to use with the App?

Haultail® and Haultail Pro both rely on a smartphone to operate the App in order to work within the Haultail® platform.

We recommend the following phones for drivers on the Haultail platforms: iPhone 6 and newer, Samsung Galaxy 8 and newer, Google Pixel, LG G and V series, Sony Xperia series.

Can I use a rental vehicle?


Can I rent a trailer and use it with my vehicle?

Yes, a trailer can be rented on a short-term basis with proof of contract and valid permission for commercial use. The trailer must be registered, and the contract must be in the name of the Haultailer® associated with the driver account, and also be listed on your personal insurance.

I have a truck and trailer, does that make me more money?

Yes. The more you can haul, the more you can earn. Customers are charged a trailer fee if one is used for a job which requires it.

I own a box truck with a lift gate, does that make me more?

Yes, box trucks can haul more than any of the smaller classes of vehicles. With a lift gate you have the ability to make more in special equipment fees, when applicable.

How long does it take to approve my driver account?

It can take up to 5 to 10 days for the initial review of your application. Once approved, you will need to submit to a background check before you are able to accept a job, which can take another 2-3 weeks.

I completed my application on the mobile app. How do I know that you received it?

You will receive confirmation that your application has been submitted, and thereafter you will be informed of your application status. If you have questions about your application, you can reach us at [email protected]. Please do not contact us unless you have not received confirmation that we have received your application within 5 days of submitting it. All information collected is private and maintained in accordance with our privacy policy, which can be found here.

I signed up, when do I get jobs?

Once your Driver account is active, you can begin accepting jobs. Jobs are based on supply and demand. Newly established regions can take up to 30-days to populate with local hauls. Higher-rated drivers will get more jobs opportunities posted to them. New drivers have an equal opportunity to build up their ratings.

Are driver positions available throughout the United States?

Haultail is available in select regions of the United States. Therefore, you only can apply for the area you will be driving in. If you are located more than 100 miles from the open region, then you will not qualify for standard Haultail® jobs, but can be considered for Pro Haultail if you have a truck, box truck, or larger. We are rapidly expanding, so if you are not located in a region that is currently offering Haultail®, please check back regularly.

What is a “lead driver” and how do I become one?

Each region has lead drivers who assist with finding jobs and performing in-store functions. Being a lead driver also requires you to be “on call” in the event we are unable to match a driver with a submitted job request under our service window time-frames. If interested, please let us know, and we will review your profile and advise accordingly.

What hours does Haultail deliver?

For the safety of Haultailers®, we do deliveries between the hours of 6am to 8pm, every day. Any special request outside of these hours must be authorized.

What days does Haultail deliver?

7-days a week, 365 days a year.

Do I make more on National Holidays if I deliver?

No, every day is treated the same. We make the Haultail On-Demand delivery available year-round for the convenience to all.

How quickly does a Haultail driver have to respond to a job?

Standard jobs are scheduled out within 4 hours. If the job is expedited, then this time range is shorter and the compensation for it is higher.

How does the customer know when I started and where I am?

Once a job is assigned to a driver, the customer is notified who will be handling their job. Once you start the job, the customer is notified and able to live-track the delivery from the time you are en route to the pick-up location through to the completion of the job.

How much can I make as a Haultail® driver?

The amount ranges on the size of the job and the classification of the driver’s vehicle.

How much does Haultail® keep of my tips?

Haultailers keep 100% of their tips.

Are there extra services for which I can make money as a driver?

Yes, there are many ways to earn more. We offer Haultailers incentives for getting reviews on Yelp and Google, double-checking Waystation / Landfill information, and going to stores that carry Haultail® and / or Demo Bags to check stock.

My account got suspended, what does that mean?

If notified of a suspended account, please go to your profile to find out the reason for the suspension and what steps are needed to reactivate your account.


What size items can be picked up?

Any size. The customer is required to submit the weights and sizes of the items to be picked up or delivered, and the App calculates what size vehicle is required, as well as any additional special equipment and / or helpers needed, and matches these requirements with an available driver.

What if I have multiple items to be picked up?

We pick up as many items as listed on the job request submitted through the App. If you forget items, you can add them later. If a driver arrives and there are more items than those listed in the request, the driver will add them and the App will calculate any additional charges. The customer must agree to these additional charges or the driver can cancel the job or limit the job to the originally specified items.

Does the driver come in to help carry and set up items?

Haultail® is a curbside delivery service. Assistance moving items to areas other than curbside will, if available, require additional fees. Prior to incurring additional charges, the customer must agree to them.

I am unable to lift. Does the driver carry the items being delivered?

The driver is responsible for loading and unloading the items, however delivery to the inside of your establishment or home is prohibited.

How does Haultail® match my load to a driver?

The Haultail® system takes all the information from the order request to match your load based on these criteria:
– the size, weight, and images of the items listed in your request
– the most appropriate driver and vehicle available
– the location of the driver closest to your pick-up and delivery location
– whether or not a helper is required

Are you a courier service, or is the service limited to big items?

No job is too small. The Haultail® App takes all size items whether small or large, light or heavy. Your load, based on information provided within the App, assigns the closest appropriately sized vehicle to accommodate your request.

I have a route of deliveries to be managed, does your system offer this service?

Yes. If you have a one-time route or a routine route, the Haultail Pro service may be the best product for you, offering to provide the most economical service matching your needs. Contact [email protected] to request a custom route and fixed quote.

Is my load insured?

Yes, the first $250 of your load is automatically covered. Additional insurance is offered, if you require and would like more coverage.

We take pictures at the time of pick-up and again upon delivery to assure all items are in the same condition throughout the time your Haultailer® is handling them.


Do you deliver items from out of state?

Haultail is designed for local deliveries, from less than a mile up to but not limited to 25 miles. For longer distance and state-to-state hauls, we recommend our Haultail Pro App, as the pricing is set up specifically for that and drivers are vetted in accordance to State and Federal requirements.

What if I don’t know what landfill to send my junk and debris to?

Do not worry about choosing a landfill, the Haultail® App has them already in the system, and is designed to know which one takes the debris you seek to dispose of. That is why accurate descriptions of the disposal items is critical. Just upload your job, and the Haultail® App automatically populates the nearest landfill to assure proper disposal of the items.

I want to donate my items. How does this get picked up and delivered?

The Haultail App automatically generates the nearest local donation drop-off centers for you.

What if I want to have items go to my local church, not the Goodwill?

This is not a problem. In the donation option of the App, you can let the system automatically assign a donation center, or you can identify the location at which you wish you items to be donated. Rates will reflect the distance from where items are being picked up to where they will be dropped off.

I have items at Walmart to be picked up. Can you get those?

Haultail® picks up from any store or retail location. Simply provide a copy of the order / receipt and confirm with your retailer that they permit third party pick-up. It’s a simple as that.

Are there any stores you do not pick up from?

We can pick up at any store that allows third-party pick up, or if you can wait at the store for your Haultailer® to arrive. Your driver will require the proof of purchase and any other information needed to pick up your order. These items and any special directions can be entered into the “your request” option inside the App.

I have a very old car that doesn't have any papers anymore, and I just want to get rid of it.

We cannot dispose of vehicles.

What do you not deliver?

Haultail® does not deliver any illegal substances, hazard goods, or items that can endanger the driver or public. A list of prohibited materials can be found here:

Haultail® also does not provide rise to person, pets or for food delivery.

I have a gate code, how does my Haultailer® get inside?

When entering your Haultail® job request, please note any special and additional information required, such as the gate code, in order for driver to gain access.

I have restricted access and require a call.

When entering your Haultail® job request, please note any special and additional information required, such as instructions for the Haultailer® to follow in order to gain access.

I will not be home but my children will accept the order.

Haultail drivers are not permitted to retrieve or leave any delivery with anyone under 18 years of age. An authorized adult must be present to accept the pick-up or delivery of the scheduled job. If someone other than the Haultail account holder will be present to meet the Haultailer®, this person’s name must be indicated within the specification of the job. Further, a pincode is issued and must be entered into the App by whoever requested the job in order to complete it.

My neighbor will be there to let you in.

Please note Haultail® is a curbside delivery. If another individual, of the age 18 years or older is present, this must be indicated within the specification of the job, giving their name.


What other services are there that Haultail offers?

Haultail® offers many other services including:
– Additional Helper(s)
– Additional items from medium to oversized
– Special equipment
– Specialized vehicle
– Cleanup
– Expediting time of order
– Meet at store location for pick-up
– Hauling items up or down flights of stairs
– Hauling items from a higher floor and using elevator

These services are at an additional cost and can be added in the App by the customer, driver or the command center. All services must be prepaid in order to utilize.

What services are not performed by the driver?

Haultail® is strictly for pick-up and delivery of items. Therefore, Haultailers® (Haultail Drivers) DO NOT
– enter your home or residence
— hang items
– plugin and activate items
– test items
– program items
– repair items
– box items
– advise on how to use items
– plumb items

What is considered standard service?

Standard Haultail® Service is consists of the curbside pick-up and delivery of items to be delivered or disposed of.
Anything outside of these parameters is subject to special service fees and evaluated at time of pick-up or delivery by the driver, unless prearranged and communicated in the mobile application of Haultail.

Does Haultail pick up or deliver my items bought or sold from online classifieds like Craigslist, Offerup or LetGo?

Yes, Haultail will pick up or deliver scheduled and paid-for items. Haultail does not participate in the transaction of the purchase or sale of any items. Therefore, no cash is handled by the driver for such transactions. Haultail is not responsible for reviewing the item(s) or evaluating the purchase. Haultail strictly picks up items as described in the order. If additional services are required with picking up the item(s) or their delivery, additional fees may apply and are the responsibility of the Haultail customer.

Need the driver to wait, I'm on my way!

Orders must be ready for pick-up, therefore Haultail ® offers a maximum 15-minute grace time at time of pick-up or delivery. If wait times exceed the grace period, the order will be subject to additional wait time charges of $1.25/minute, which must be paid in order to release the items. If you are going to be late, please notify the Haultailer® through the App.


Do Haultailers® (drivers) only use trucks?

No. While the majority of vehicles are pickup trucks, Haultailers® use vehicles of all sizes, from scooters, mopeds, motorbikes and passenger cars, to SUVs, vans, trucks and more.

What does "A Truck at your Fingertips®" mean?

Haultail is more than just a delivery service. It is a quick, safe, reliable and secure network of verified drivers available to you, on demand, through the use of our App.

Does Haultail® own the vehicles the Drivers are using?

No. Haultail® vehicles are owned and operated by our network of independent drivers. Haultail does ensure that the vehicles are properly insured, licensed and registered. We also vet the drivers to ensure a safe delivery.

What type of vehicles does Haultail® use?

While the majority of vehicles are pickup trucks, Haultailers® use vehicles of all sizes, from scooters, mopeds, motorbikes and passenger cars, to SUVs, vans, trucks and more.
Haultail® Pro also includes larger trucks, box vans, box trucks and trailers that can be pulled by these vehicles in accordance with Department of Transportation regulations.

What size vehicles make deliveries?

Size is based on the weight, size and quantity of items you seek to have delivered or disposed of.


Can you come today or tomorrow?

Yes. The App is available to you 24 hours per day, every day of the week. We pick up and deliver every day of the week, including weekends and holidays, between 6 am and 8 pm. You can schedule your service when it is convenient for you.

What's your next availability?

We pick up and deliver every day of the week, including weekends and holidays, between 6 am and 8 pm. You can schedule your service when it is convenient for you. Standard service is within 4 hours from the time you have entered and paid for your job.
Express or expedited time arrangements are also available but need to be specified when making your order, as additional fees will apply.

Can I change the scheduled time?

Yes, as long as the Haultailer® has not started the job, you can change the time at no additional cost. Haultail® does not store items if a job has already been started and a delivery time has been scheduled. Once the job has been started, change fees of up to 50% of the cost of the job can apply. If the job was started and has arrived at the point of delivery, change fees up to 100% of the cost of the job can apply if delivery cannot be completed as scheduled.

Can I change the locations for my job?

Yes. Additional fees may apply if you change the pick-up or drop-off location.

I won't be home, can you leave my delivery?

No, a delivery must be received and verified by yourself or another pre-authorized person over 18 at the time of arrival. This assures all items listed are accounted for, including their condition. The pin code issued for your job must be provided to the driver on completion to close out the order.


    We updated our privacy policy as of February 24, 2020. Learn about our personal information collection practices here.