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A Lead Haultailer is given the extra authority and duties for zone(s) assigned with guaranteed benchmarks to make additional compensation.

Leads are selected based on their general attitude, ability to communicate and flexibility to be available to drivers and customers.

A Haultail driver already has the ability to earn $35 to $80 / hour based on gigs.

Whereas the Regional lead earns more, as outlined below.

To apply for a Lead position, First Apply fully and get accepted as a driver and indicate your interest in being a Lead to see what regions and parts of territories in your proximity are available.


  • Able to assist or assign help as needed
  • Assist the recruitment of new drivers and help retain/maintain the driver pool in the region
  • Meet with and educate new drivers on use of the App, paycard and processes
  • Distribute paycards or other company disbursements to drivers
  • Maintain the assigned zone(s) and other drivers picked to participate in pool
  • Visit retail locations within the assigned zone(s)
    1. Maintaining Demo Bags or Haultail products and support market materials
  • Distribute and update corporate marketing materials in various retail locations
    1. Record visits, placement, inventory, contact and provide photos
  • Recruit new retail outlets and consumers with use of marketing materials
  • Expansion of the local community as it relates growing the opportunity of jobs / gigs
  • Participate in Lead Driver conference calls
  • Attend and represent company at local events
  • Provide quality control by Verifying waystation / clean fill / landfill information within the zone(s)


  • Must wear appropriate attire when visiting vendors, consisting of closed toe shoes and a clean collared shirt
  • Must be available on-call for jobs on an as needed basis outside of normally chosen driver schedule


  • A percentage of ALL jobs completed within zone(s) to any haultailers and / or helpers.
  • Added incentive for milestones of the amount of Total Paid Gigs performed within the assigned zone(s) on a monthly basis.
    1. Every two consecutive months bonus moves up an additional 50%
  • A bonus for each NEW Haultailer that onboards and completes the first job
  • Placement of each Decal on Haultail and Demo Bag Boxes within store is $ per Box
  • Orchestrate having overhead pallet inventory pulled and restocked $ per Pallet
  • Authorization to strategically distribute $ gift cards for preferred clients / customers to use provided Guaranteed jobs
  • Attend PRO events with preferred Retailers of Home Depot, Lowes, Ace and Do it Best and get $
  • NOTE: All tips each driver keeps 100%, and are not included in the revenue sharing for Lead Drivers
  • Prearranged equipment rental, truck or trailer as needed and calculated into the job, is Fully Reimbursed with receipt.
  • All waystation fees fully reimbursed with required receipt.

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