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With its rich history and diverse culture, Delray Beach is a welcoming town that started out as a farming village and is now a tremendously grown city of nearly 70,000 residents with dynamic and vibrant communities who celebrate the heritage and welcome their hometown to visitors and moving residents.
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Delray offers the best dining and shopping experience with fantastic beaches that welcomes sailing and surfing and offers you the best of art & culture for those who enjoy life in a slow lane where galleries of art are as popular as outdoor concerts with talented artists with a warm smile.

The natural beauty of Delray Beach is undoubtedly known for their municipal beaches which welcome millions of visitors who travel from all over the world with bicycles and sand trails taking you to your favorite spot soaking in the sun and surf.

There’s always something to do in Delray Beach where its charming streets and decoratively lit stores that offer a blend of unique shopping experiences with the latest fashion trends for you and plush interiors options for your home or office. Downtown Delray Beach is the popular destination for residents and visitors where it offers a mix of Arts and Crafts, books and music, clothing and accessories, furniture and garden, office supply and pets grooming with friendly services and quintessential America City ambiance.



However, with the changing times and busy lifestyle, delivery services have become an important part of the shopping experience. Now you don’t need to drag through the streets, fight the traffic, search for parking space, push the shopping carts, line-up at the counter, and carry the shopping bags. All this can be avoided with a simple click of a button on our Haultail App and you can pick your shopping bags from right outside your front door.

Florida has never experienced a better delivery service than Haultail who are known for their simple, reliable, and affordable delivery service all integrated within their user-friendly app which streamlines the whole delivery adventure where you can track your products with ease and get them home with effortless and cost-effective experience.

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