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When a city is nicknamed “the City Beautiful”, you know what you’re in for. Orlando is the third-largest metropolitan area in all of Florida which drew more than 75 million visitors in 2018 alone. We all know Orlando is famous for the two major attractions Walt Disney and Universal Resorts. However, what also drives visitors and residents to Orlando is their cultural and performing arts centers and world-renowned nightlife.
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One view into the city from The Wheel at ICON Park Downtown is enough to fall in love with The City Beautiful and you will know why Orlando is one of the most-visited cities in the world, famous predominantly due to its tourism and enthralling events in America’s second-largest convention center The Orange County.

Besides tourism and conventions, Orlando also encompasses about 115 neighborhoods within the city limits and boasts of a relatively less population in the city when compared to its metropolitan population. This has resulted in an increased urban sprawl near the city and also improved the economy and lowered the unemployment rate overall.

A booming economy, multiple employment opportunities, and low housing prices attracted a lot of aspiring residents to Orlando and thereby making Orlandoans biggest consumers of delivery services for daily needs.



This has increased the demand for a simplified courier service which Haultail took the opportunity and build a sophisticated integrated system that allows its customers to book-track-pay, all in few simple clicks.

When it comes to shopping, Orlando has a lot to offer to its visitors. From high-end boutiques, departmental stores, theme parks with souvenir shops, and a huge range of merchandise and furniture stores spanning from international chains to local retailers all within the city limits. And with Haultail in the city, any worry to get your shopping home is now removed as Haultail is famous for its reliable and uncomplicated app that streamlines your delivery experience and adds to your peace of mind where all you need to share is your location, destination, and size of your package.

Shopping from the Mall at Millenia or Craigslist, never worry about the delivery again.

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