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Haultail’s quest for being the number one courier and delivery service in America has brought us to Tallahassee. Not many are aware that Tallahassee, the Capital City of Florida, is famous for being an important college town. Not just for hosting the Florida State University itself, but also for being home to many highly sought-after colleges and universities and the city currently has a student population of 70,000.
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Tallahassee is also home for around 200 thousand residents who enjoy the wonderful amenities it offers and has been awarded the All-American City Award twice which speaks volumes on Tallahassee’s popularity and why it attracts so many migrants and visitors alike.

With migration comes a transport need which is the backbone of the economy. From courier transfers to online delivery and storage moves to landfill, Haultail is a one-stop-shop for transport needs you could have.

If you are looking to move important documents or small or huge packages, reach out to Haultail.
If you’re looking to move out of a storage unit or transporting them into one, remember Haultail.
If you’re too busy or got a small vehicle to move out your junk and debris, don’t forget to call Haultail.



If you have listed your item on an online market and someone bought it and need it delivered, get in touch with Haultail.

Or if you, bought something from an online market and need it delivered to you, remember Haultail.

Maybe you want your daily needs like groceries or essentials like furniture, etc., bought from across the city, remember Haultail.

The weekend you’ve been looking forward to is here and you have any transport worries on your mind? Just let Haultail know, and while we are working on your deliveries for you, you can enjoy your weekend at the Tallahassee Museum or the Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park.

Haultail built a sophisticated integrated system that allows you to book, track and pay for your service all in few simple clicks on their wonderfully designed app. Haultail is famous for its reliable and uncomplicated service that streamlines your delivery experience and adds to your peace of mind.

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