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True Value

Be it home improvement items, home appliances, tools, paints or even equipment for rental, don’t let the scepticism or the seemingly tedious process of delivery hinder your shopping experience. If you are concerned about your new True value household hardware not fitting in your car, Hautail is here for your aid. Follow a few simple steps on our app to schedule a delivery pick-up and relax.
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We at Haultail, hire professional independent contractors to move your items in transport vehicles like trucks, cargo vans, SUVs , safe and sound. Get your delivery on-demand, within hours.

Here’s how you process your True value delivery with the help of Haultail.
• Download and open Haultail app
• Select the items, small, medium-sized or large bulky orders, we haul them all.
• Select the time you want your product delivered.
• Give us a description of your purchase by providing dimensions and other necessary particulars.
• Choose True value as the store from where you’ve made your purchase uploading a picture of your item is highly recommended.
• Provide the address for the store location and your drop-off.
• Instant notification is given to a nearby mover, who will be available for your support within an hour of the delivery demand.
• Track your order in real-time and interact with our mover.
• Once your item has reached the destination safe and sound, you can review and make your payment.



We deliver anything, anytime, any size, round the year, 6 am to 10 pm.
Your hassle-free delivery with Haultail is this simple. Safety and customer satisfaction is our priority, and hence all our movers are peer-reviewed. We pick our movers based on mandatory background checks and thorough vehicle inspections to rule out potential criminal or fraudulent history. We also have you covered under our cargo insurance and liability policies, to prevent and counter the occurrence of any possible lapse. Added benefits such as bonuses and discounts are granted to the customers based on the ads in their pick-up location.

You can also upgrade to Haultail-pro, for additional features you might want for your delivery, such as a single shipment for more than one load, or a larger capacity transport for your purchase. Choose Haultail to ease your delivery experience. Get started now!

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