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electric cords

They’re the 10 common things that muck up recycling for everybody.

We asked professionals: A single lithium battery can burn down a recycling plant. Plastic bags clog machinery. Garden hoses and electric cords do the same. And all of the above contaminates the output of scrap paper and plastic, driving down what that scrap is worth.

Bottom line? Take your recycling rejects to an official “drop-off” center, where they can be properly sorted. Or, toss ’em in the trash. To help the system, and keep trash fees down, don’t put the following into your curbside bin or cart:

1. Plastic bags

2. Garden hoses

3. Wiring and electric cords

4. Coat hangers

5. Auto parts, pots and pans, most metal

6. Old cassette and VHS tapes

7. Styrofoam or foam plastic

8. Pizza boxes (unless free of all food and most grease)

9. Plastic plates, plastic knives/forks/spoons

10. Tissue paper, paper towels

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