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6 Energy saving tips for hot summers

energy bills

Most people love the summer months but hate the higher energy bills that are due to hot summer nights. Even if you don’t own an air conditioner, you may find that you run your fans more often or your water bill higher due to extra showers during these months. Here are some tips to help you save energy in summer.

Replace your outdated air conditioning unit – If you own an air conditioner that is over ten years old, you should consider replacing it with an energy-efficient Keep a look out for units that cost less and include energy approved program standards.

Alternate methods of cooking – Cooking using an oven can heat your interiors, which will mean that you will have to use your air conditioner or fan to cool it down. Consider cooking outside or baking in the morning hours when your home is cooler.

Automate your thermostat – Consider replacing your manual thermostat for an automatic one. Automatic thermostats can be programmed and adjusted using your phone.

Keep the hot sun out of your home – If you leave your home during the day, you should pull down your window treatments to keep your house cooler.

Give your air conditioning a break – Ceiling fans are good alternatives for air conditioning, as they provide cooling and yet use one-sixth of energy.

Take cooler and shorter showers – Hot showers in the summer months can leave you feeling less than refreshed. Reduce the length of your showers and choose cold water instead.

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