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At least 13 wildfires are burning in California


Firefighters in California have been batting numerous blazes nonstop, trying to save millions of people and homes from the flames.

The biggest fire, the Kincade Fire, has incinerated parts of the wine country in Sonoma County since last week. Further south, multiple wildfires continue spreading near Los Angeles and surrounding counties. Here are all the wildfires currently threatening the state, from the most active to those nearing full containment:

Maria Fire

It was first reported on October 31 in Ventura County Size: 8,730 acres Containment: 0%

Getty Fire

It started October 28 in Los Angeles Size: 745 acres Containment: 66% Cause: A eucalyptus tree limb fell into power lines.

Kincade Fire

It started October 23 in Sonoma County Size: 77,758 acres Containment: 68% Cause: It’s still under investigation but PG&E’s equipment may have been involved in the start of blaze, the utility said in reports filed with the California Public Utility Commission.

46 Fire

It started October 31 in Riverside County Size: 300 acres Containment: 70% Cause: Riverside police blame the driver of a stolen car that officers were chasing. The 15-minute chase ended in a field, and the car’s damaged tires sparked the fire, police said. Two suspects were arrested, authorities said.

Hillside Fire

It started October 31 in San Bernardino County Size: 200 acres Containment: 70% Palisades Fire It started October 21 in Los Angeles Size: 42 acres Containment: 75%

Taboose Fire

It was first reported on October 7 in the Inyo National Forest Size: 10,296 acres Containment: 75%

Easy Fire

It started October 30 in Ventura County Size: 1,806 acres Containment: 80%

Hill Fire

It started October 30 in Riverside County Size: 628 acres Containment: 80%

Old Water Fire

It started October 24 in San Bernardino County Size:145 acres Containment: 85%

Caples Fire

It started October 10 in the El Dorado National Forest Size: 3,435 acres Containment: 90%

Burris Fire

It was first spotted on October 27 in Mendocino County Size: 703 acres Containment: 94%

Saddle Ridge Fire

It was first reported on October 10 in Los Angeles County Size: 8,799 acres Containment: 97% About 100,000 people were evacuated


This story was originally published By Nicole Chavez, CNN

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