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Have you bought a new mobile phone from a seller on Craigslist in your city and want to have it shipped to your home? Do you want your used furniture to be delivered to the Facebook Marketplace? If your answer is yes, then Haultail® is the answer. Over the past few years, we have helped hundreds and thousands of online buyers and sellers transport their products locally, across the nation. So, What Items Do We Deal With?

  • Furniture: Haultail® offers its on-demand services to people involved in buying and selling Furniture from websites like Craigslist, Offerup, Letgo, etc.
  • Mobile Phones: If you have sold your mobile phone online via a platform like eBay Marketplace but have nobody to deliver it to your buyer, then you can simply use our app, hire a driver and get your mobile phone shipped to the buyer.
  • Computers & Electronics: Along with furniture and mobile phones, Haultail® also porters other electronics, computers to the desired destinations.
  • Jewelry and Apparels: We also help our users ship apparel and jewelry to buyers.
Whether the products are purchased from an online classified website or are shop-bought, Haultail® is always available to provide the best pickup and delivery services. How Does the Haultail® App Work? Well, the way the Haultail® app works is quite simple. You first download the mobile app, create an account, create a job, and then get the job done within your city with a few clicks. The intuitive mobile app makes it easy and convenient for you to use it. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this amazing opportunity to have the best same-day delivery experience. Remember, Haultail® connects you with the best delivery executives who are thoroughly vetted and have years of experience in logistics, last-mile delivery, etc. The item to be shipped could be of any size and our virtual fleet of trucks and cars would be available within a short period of time. Download Haultail® today!

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