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Haultail offering free demo bags

demo bags

Haultail, in partnership with Demo Bags Woven Contractor Bags, is offering The Home Depot customers across the country a free box of 20 demo bags in participating regions.

Pro customers and DIYers can obtain the demo bags from The Home Depot, whether in-store or online, and use the Powered by Haultail mobile app for same-day, pickup and delivery service within hours, mitigating long waitlists and delayed delivery times.

“We know this holiday season has been challenging for so many Americans who were forced to stay home as a result of the ongoing pandemic,” said Haultail CEO, Bruce Williams. “We also know that more time in the home means more time for home projects and our aim is to remove some of the stress and financial burden that comes with disposing of old furniture and materials.”

To become eligible, customers must first purchase a box of demo bags, fill them with any materials or debris in need of disposal, and then schedule pickup of the bags through the Haultail mobile app or at

“Imagine ordering building supplies, a vanity or an appliance only to realize upon delivery of theitems that you have no easy way of disposing of your used items and/or debris from remodeling,” said Williams. “Haultail solves the logistical gaps, with live tracking, from the time of rapid pick-up and delivery of new items, to the removal and proper disposal of the old items.”

Demo Bags coupled with Haultail’s Last-Mile Delivery service is a simple and seamless solution for disposing of unwanted materials. Haultail’s on-demand last-mile delivery service is contact-free and allows individuals and businesses to transport items of any size to and from any location.

The service also helps dispose of junk and debris, mitigating waste by donating what is usable and in good shape rather than simply throwing it away.

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