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How to make the holidays more eco-friendly


The holiday season is a time to be cheerful and give presents but all that wrapping paper and even some decorations can cause extra waste.

What’s great about Christmas is that we are already kind of recycling. For example, when you pull out that old tree that you’ve had for years or you use those old ornaments that you’ve also had for years.

Although there are a few ways that we can still make our Christmas even more eco-friendly.”

When it comes to having an eco-friendly holiday.

The key things to remember are re-use and recycle.

“You do create a lot of waste with wrapping and stuff and some wrapping paper has metallic on it or glitter and that sometimes creates, let’s it not be able to be recyclable,” says Mary Range, a manager at eco-friendly store “Exist Green.”

When it comes to wrapping paper, try to use an option that isn’t paper at all.

Like putting your gifts in a cloth tote that your loved one can keep and use.

Or, you can get creative.

Range says, “I actually made my own wrapping paper the other day with an old grocery bag, I just cut it straight open and put a bunch of cute stamps on them.”

For decorations, ornaments that you use year after year are great but there are some eco-friendly options you can also use to decorate your tree.

“Using natural products like pine cones. We made little ornaments and you can string these as well. They’re dried out citrus. So at the end of its life it can decompose,” says Range.

When it comes to the Christmas tree itself; if you use a fake tree the best thing to do is keep it for as long as possible.

Then when you’re ready to upgrade, don’t throw it away.

Donate it instead.

Range says, “Try to use what you can, as much as you already have instead of going out and buying things that are wrapped in plastic. They’ll just go to the landfill.”

If you have a real tree that you want to recycle, the best thing to do is to call your trash agency to see how you can get that arranged.

Last, it’s also a good idea to save things like boxes and gift bags to be re-used on other gifts for next year.


This story was originally published by Shirelle Moore,

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