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How to save water at home?

climate change

Saving water is important for most parts of the world, as climates become drier and water scarce. But even if you live in an area that has rainfall, it is a good habit to save water as it will reduce your water and sewer bills. Here are a few tips on how to save water at home.

Be water aware – Start by calculating how much water you and your family use every day. Then look at strategies to reduce water usage and check how much water you have saved.

Ditch the hand washing – Hand washing your dishes can use a lot more water than using a dishwasher. Make sure that you fill your dishwasher each time to make the most of each wash.

Better your faucets – Fit low flow faucet aerators on your kitchen and bathroom faucets to reduce your water bills by as much as $80 a year. Remember to close the tap when you brush your teeth or wash your hands, to save more water.

Slim down your showers – Your shower head will blast out 3 gallons of water per minute, therefore look at reducing shower time to 3 minutes and shutting the shower off when you soap. Fit in a low flow shower head, and you will get half the amount of water per minute.

Tame your toilets – Look at adding a dual flush conversion kit to all your toilets to use less water when flushing urine. As a cheaper option, add a plastic bottle full of sand into your toilet tank bank to displace.

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