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How to Use Recyclable Contractor Trash Bags

Contractor Bags

You’ve just finished a large clean-out job and you’re tired, dirty and want to be done with the trash. If only there was an easier way to get rid of it – like hiring someone else to take it away… But no matter which contractor trash bag size you choose, how are you going to carry out your contractor trash bags?

You can always take it out in your car – but that’s not an option if you live in the city or don’t own a vehicle. You could ask a friend to help you, or perhaps enlist the help of another person looking for some extra cash. But before you go scouring Craigslist and running up and down stairs asking people if they want to make some extra money carrying around your contractor bags for an hour, why not try something easier? A new product on the market may just do the trick: Contractor Bags / Contractor Trash Bags

What is a Contractor Bag?

A contractor bag is essentially a trash bag with two handles. They’re made of recycled plastic and designed to be carried by two people at a time. Contractor bags are specially designed for trash removal and construction clean-outs. They come in a variety of sizes, from small to extra large, and can handle loads of up to 2,000 pounds.

Why Use Contractor Bags?

Although contractor bags can be heavy when loaded up with all your junk – they’re still better than having two people carry the same amount of weight in regular plastic trash bags.

Plus, contractor bags have another nice benefit: you don’t have to stuff them inside each other or tie them together because they’re already attached by the handles! And this also means that contractor bags can be used over and over again without becoming too full at any one time to carry out. In fact, some contractors have said that they can be used 20 to 30 times before being discarded – so basically you’ve got the chance to make some serious money with them!

Haultail® Bags: The Best Contractor Bags

If contractor bags are right for you, check out the Haultail® contractor bag. Made up of recyclable material, this bag is thick, sturdy, and ready to carry your trash. And if you’re looking for a contractor bag that won’t rip under the weight of your junk – try the Haultail® Heavy Duty contractor bag.

It has a strength of 7 mil, more than any other bag out there, and can be reused up to 4-5 times.

You can order these contractor bags online or find them near your big box stores!

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