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Hurricane forecasters are watching the Gulf for possible development


The National Hurricane Center on Wednesday had eyes on the Gulf of Mexico, where forecasters said a tropical or subtropical depression could form later this week.

If it does form, the hurricane center thinks it could track northward — and toward the northern Gulf Coast.

Forecasters said Wednesday morning that an Air Force Reserve reconnaissance aircraft is scheduled to investigate the system this afternoon, if necessary.

As of Wednesday morning the area in question was a trough of low pressure that has moved into the Bay of Campeche.

It is forecast to continue to move slowly northward and gradual development will be possible, the hurricane center said.

Forecasters raised the chance of development into a tropical depression over five days from 40 percent to 50 percent as of the latest update on Wednesday morning. That’s up from 20 percent on Tuesday.

It is forecast to move generally to the northeast, which means it could impact the northern Gulf Coast over the weekend.

The National Weather Service in Mobile was watching the situation as well and said early Wednesday that “there’s still a lot of uncertainty in the details this far out in time, it appears increasingly likely we could receive a moderate to a large amount of rainfall this weekend.”

It’s too early to say how strong the system could be or where it could move inland, but areas from Louisiana to Florida could see heavy rain from the system this weekend.

Elsewhere, the hurricane center was also tracking the remnants of Tropical Depression 15, which weakened to a trough of low pressure this morning near the Cabo Verde Islands.

Forecasters said no more advisories would be issued on that system, which had a low chance to regenerate over the next few days as it moves northwestward.

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