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Local doctor voices concerns about Phoenix rally to reopen Arizona economy


On Monday, protesters will flood the Wesley Bolin Plaza at the State Capitol, urging Gov. Doug Ducey to reopen Arizona’s economy. Arizona’s Family spoke with an emergency room doctor who said three things need to happen before businesses can open back up.

“First, we need enough personal protective equipment for all people exposed to COVID-19 potentially,” said Dr. Nicholas Vasquez. “Secondly, we need to dramatically increase capability to do testing. Right now, we just don’t have the ability to test for COVID-19.”

Lastly, Dr. Vasquez said if we are going to re-open the economy, then the state needs to be able to do “contact tracing.” “People need to know if they were either exposed to or have contracted the virus,” he said.

Dr. Vasquez said if those steps are not followed, then the state could see a second wave of coronavirus. “And that second wave means we’ll have to re-shut down the economy,” he said.

The doctor wants to make it clear that he’s not against your First Amendment rights, but his concern is public health and the rally’s risk of spreading the virus.

“With any gathering of 50 or more people, we hope they socially distance and they wear masks,” said Dr. Vasquez.

While Dr. Vasquez understands isolation and the economic impact is tough on everyone, he said this time is pivotal in flattening the curve and avoiding another increase in cases. “I’m frustrated too,” he said. “I wish we would go back to the way it was.”

We reached out to Gov. Doug Ducey about the rally, and we have not heard back from him.

We also reached out to the office of Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego. Spokesperson Annie DeGraw said, “Practicing physical distancing is saving lives in our community and around the world. We ask that residents continue to adhere to the advice of medical experts to help protect public health.”


This article was originally published by David Caltabiano,

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