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New Year’s Eve: Google comes up with a fireworks doodle for New Years eve which is relatable to many


As the year comes to a close and all celebrating the new year decorate their space, Google is not to be left behind.

Many websites alter their logo’s briefly on holidays, adding a Santa hat for Christmas or a diya for Diwali, and Google is no different. Different logos are so common for the brand that they have an official name- Google Doodles. All the different doodles have been compiled in the website for browsing, should one feel inclined and most are works of art.

Today, to celebrate the upcoming new year, they have replaced their regular logo with that of a frog and a bird wearing party hats, sitting on a pier observing fireworks across a city skyline.

Fireworks are traditionally set off at midnight to bring in a new year with a bang in many traditions, from Chinese New Year, to Hindu New Year(Diwali) and when the Gregorian Calander changes as well. So the sight of fireworks in the doodle will no doubt resonate with many. The city skyline could be reminiscent of any cities, and since most of the world’s oldest cities are built around a water body (Mumbai, London, Delhi, New York, Hong Kong), the sight will probably make one think of a big city in their country bringing in the new year grandly. The fact that there are only two (The frog and the bird) enjoying the fireworks in the doodle despite the big-city belief of big parties could help people celebrating in intimate affairs feel included, or one could even guess that these two stepped out from a party to enjoy the fireworks, so most can identify with it. It’s a very well thought out artwork which many will identify with and no one should find offensive.

Those who look up weather forecasts or current weather on Google will recognise the frog as Froggy the weather frog, who’s often on the weather page. According to Google, “Froggy is gearing up for New Year’s celebrations in any weather. He says he’s most excited about it being a Leap Year.”


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