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Santa uses Zoom to deliver virtual messages to children


Santa Claus is coming to town to visit droves of children before the big day, and not even COVID-19 will stop him.

This year, however, he’s taking a more unconventional route. Santa Bob Jordan is meeting children where they are at — over Zoom.

“All I know is I’ve been having fun for a long time,” Santa Bob Jordan told Fox News.

Although the meetings are virtual, the enthusiasm from children making their biggest wish to St. Nick is the same, Jordan says.

“You’re getting a phone call from the North Pole,” he said. “You’re blowing their mind.”

For the first time, children get to see the North Pole firsthand.

Books, toys and droves of drawings from children fill the red and green shelves behind Jordan. It’s the first thing children see when they log in to talk to him.

“I’ve got some elves there and some trucks and packages that have ribbon on them, dolls, nutcrackers,” he said.

Even though this process came with a learning curve, Jordan says the Zoom calls add to the magic.

For one of his interactions, Jordan was even able to “deliver” a present virtually.

“This girl was looking for a present from Santa on the meeting, and so I ended this meeting by showing this box and saying, ‘I’ve got something here for you right down here on the floor,'” he recalled. “‘I’m going to magically transport this present … and it should be outside your front door.'”

She immediately ran over to the front door where she found a Christmas gift waiting for her, he said.

“Christmas is a time of hope and love and nothing should change that, no matter how bad things are,” Jordan said.

But, aside from staying safe this holiday season, Jordan said he has an even bigger message that he wants to relay to children this year.

“I tell children, ‘Do not worry about Christmas. It’s coming. It’s never been canceled.’ Christmas will come,” he said.

This article was originally published by Daniella Genovese,



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