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The Science of Climate Change: Facts and Evidence

The Science of Climate Change: Facts and Evidence

climate change facts

Climate change is backed by years of scientific study and evidence.  By consensus, most scientists agree that the Earth is warming and human activities are largely responsible. The following list of facts provides a more detailed look at some of the evidence behind global warming:

1) Temperatures near the Earth’s surface have risen over the past 100 years.

Rising temperatures can only be explained by increased greenhouse gas concentrations in our atmosphere.

In fact, in the past five decades, every continent has warmed substantially and over half of this warming is very likely a result of human activity.

2) Many places around the world have experienced an increase in average temperature over the last 50 years, including in Australia and the USA.

Some regions have been hotter than others. For example, average temperatures have increased more over land than over the oceans.

3) Glaciers around the world are melting.

4) The winter ice on rivers and lakes is melting earlier, while the summer ice is melting later.

5) Sea level rise has accelerated in recent decades. Sea levels are currently rising at an average of 1-2mm per year. This may not sound like much, but the increases in global sea levels since 1970 have been greater than that of any previous century during the past 2800 years – by around 0.2mm/year.

  1. In just 45 years, action on climate change will cost less than inaction. By 2060, the price of failing to act on climate change is anticipated to reach trillions of dollars, with the most substantial GDP losses predicted in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and South and Southeast Asia.

How to Deal with Climate Change?

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