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By Alex Mardikian

It is important to recycle small items. Metal caps, lids, tops, and plastic caps are ubiquitous small items. They are recyclable. 

Ensure that the caps of peanut butter bottles, sauce bottles, dry rub containers, etc. are attached to the plastic bottles. 

Tetra-Pak boxes too have plastic caps. And the caps can be recycled so long as they are attached to the boxes. Loose caps must be disposed off. 

Metal caps from glass jars can be recycled if they are placed in separate recycling bins and not in the same bin meant for glass. 

As a rule of thumb, you need to ensure that the cap is attached to the bottle. Loose caps cannot be added to recycling bins. They fall through the gaps in sorters and through conveyor belts. Place these caps in a can and crush the can when it is half full. Or, follow the procedures laid down by your local municipalities. 

Aluminum cans for soups, beer, colas, and other beverages have either pop tops or may require a can opener. These are recyclable. 

And remember, always empty the food or drink from your container before recycling. If you have access to a sink, give it a quick rinse.

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