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These States Have the Most Christmas Spirit

christmas spirit

EVEN AS WE NEAR THE END of a year that has included a pandemic and a contentious election, many states boast strong Christmas spirit for those that celebrate the holiday, according to a new study by GetCenturyLink.

The study, conducted annually by the global technology company, found that Utah, Idaho and Wisconsin have the most holiday cheer this year. Those states are followed by North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, which was ranked in the top spot last year.

The company ranked states based on six metrics around the categories of area culture and online activity. The metrics included the number of Christmas tree farms per capita, charitable giving, online shopping for Christmas-related items and even Christmas music streams. Nebraska, North Dakota, West Virginia and Arkansas rounded out the top 10.

Utah also got high praise for its holiday spirit in another study published this month by Finder, a company that helps people make financial decisions. Finder’s report, which followed a methodology similar to GetCenturyLink’s, noted that Utah was ranked No. 1 at least in part because it had the highest average charitable contribution size. Utah, West Virginia, Nebraska and South Carolina appear in the top 10 in both surveys.

Florida, Hawaii and New Mexico were the states that ranked at the bottom of GetCenturyLink’s list. Washington, D.C. – included in the study – was ranked as having the least Christmas spirit. Seven of the 10 states at the bottom of the list have mild or warm winters, according to the company. Cold weather does not necessarily equate to big holiday spirit, however, as several states in GetCenturyLink’s top 10 have milder winters, similar to Finder’s rankings.

West Virginia appeared in the top 10 in both rankings – including No. 2 on Finder’s list – despite both companies noting that it is among the least charitable states. Residents in the state donated less than 1% of their total adjusted income to charities, according to GetCenturyLink’s survey. The Mountain State also had the smallest number of people making charitable donations, according to Finder’s data.

This article was originally published by Elliott Davis, 

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