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The Fourth of July, 2021 is Here! Almost two centuries and 45 years have passed since our Independence and America has come a long way. Over the past two centuries or so, we brought-in multiple revolutions in the world. Be it industrial, oil, technological, or military revolutions, America has ruled the roost like no other country ever did. So, let us try and learn more about it today. The Fourth of July – commonly called July 4th or Independence Day – has been celebrated as the birth of American Independence for more than 200 years. With celebrations including parades, fireworks, flag hoisting, etc., this day also marks a celebration of our unique culture, civilization and values. Now, in the last few years, there’s been a popular slogan among us Americans – “Make America Great Again.” But, the question is – how do we do that? We do that by helping each other as a society, moving in the right direction and rebuilding our economy. Our economy can be rebuilt by creating an environment that’s conducive to more consumer spending and small business growth. For that, every individual American and businesses must contribute. This year, since July 4th is on Sunday, the federal holiday will be observed on Monday, July 5th, and millions of Americans will celebrate independence day in their own unique ways. Some people will have their own little parties; others will have outdoor functions. Businesses will also do their own bit by offering heavy discounts and running sales for the consumers.  And, we are going to play our part in making America great again by encouraging people to spend more and help the economy. This year, July 4th, we are offering a 15% discount on all Haultail® services and a Box of Demo Bags® absolutely free.  How to Get 15% Discount on Haultail® Services It’s simple. You login to the app, create a job and get the job done. You’ll get a flat 15% discount on total price when you use the coupon: 4JULY2021.

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