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op 4 Biggest Junk Yards in America

Top 4 Biggest Junk Yards in America

junk yards in america

What is a Junk Yard?

A junkyard is a place where not only cars are dismantled but also other equipment. It is used for its spare parts which are then sold to the highest bidder. There are also landfills that have the same purpose as junkyards. Here is a list of America’s top junkyards:

1. French Lake Auto Parts in Minnesota

French Lake Auto Parts in Minnesota is not just a junkyard but also an auto recycling center. It houses more than 4,000 vehicles that can be purchased by both car dealerships and private customers. They have the facility to purchase just about any vehicle that you might have because they often dismantle it at their yard to sell its parts later on.

2. CTC Auto Ranch in Texas

CTC Auto Ranch is also a recycling center just like French Lake. It buys cars from all over Texas and dismantles them to sell the parts later on. They have warehouses for their parts as well as large tracks where you can find cars that they have dismantled already. It was established in the 1990s and it is still going strong.

3. S&S Salvage in California

S&S Salvage has been in business since the 1960s and it is known for its good prices and efficient service. They have warehouses, a large parking lot with great lighting so you can inspect your potential purchases easily at night, as well as a wrecking yard. It is always open to the public and it employs some of the best car mechanics in California.

4. Wildcat Auto Wrecking in Oregon

Wildcat Auto Wrecking has been in business for more than 50 years. It is known for having great prices and excellent service when it comes to dismantling cars. They have a large storage facility where you can find just about any car that you are looking for, or at least one close enough to what you need. They also have four warehouses, two of which are full of cars, and two with spare parts.

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