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Two more tropical weather systems are being monitored by the National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Lorenzo

As a weakening Hurricane Lorenzo spins in the cooler waters of the north Atlantic, two more tropical systems have caught the attention of forecasters at the National Hurricane Center.

At this point, both are being given relatively low chances of forming into tropical cyclones.

One system is a broad area of low pressure positioned over the northwestern Caribbean Sea between Grand Cayman and Jamaica, the hurricane center said Tuesday.

“Development, if any, of this system is expected to be slow to occur while it moves to the west-northwest near the Yucatan peninsula in a couple of days, and across the southern Gulf of Mexico by Friday,” the hurricane center’s tropical weather outlook said late Tuesday morning.

The system is being a 10% chance of formation into a tropical cyclone over the next two days and a 10% chance of forming during the next five days.

A tropical cyclone can take the form of a tropical depression, tropical storm, or hurricane.

The second weather system is an area of clouds and showers to the east of the southeastern Bahamas. Development, if it happens would be slow, and would take place well south and east of the hurricane-battered Bahamas, according to forecasters.

This system is also being given a 10% chance of developing over the next two days and a 10% chance of formation over the next five days.


This article was originally published on sun-sentinel

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