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When is Black Friday 2019?

Black Friday 2019

The biggest sales event of the year is nearly upon us – are you ready?

Much like turkey-sized tinfoil, drunken office parties and awkward dinner-table conversations about Brexit, Black Friday is now a fundamental part of Christmas. And each year the annual sales bonanza grows bigger, with more stores and brands getting in on the action.

You can expect discounts on everything from mattresses to mobile phones, with each retailer slashing prices in a frantic bid to outdo the next. To help you make sense of the madness, we’ve put together this guide to Black Friday 2019, which covers everything you need to know and prepare for. Then, when the big day comes, we’ll update this page with a curated list of the best deals out there.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is an American tradition: a decades-old day of discount shopping that takes place the day after Thanksgiving. You might call it the Stateside version of the Boxing Day sales – but set up for Christmas gift-buying instead post-Christmas bargains.

The gloomy-sounding name dates back to 1966, and a name given by the Philadelphia police to the chaos of shoppers scrabbling for bargains – although it took until 2010 for the concept to take root in Britain.

When is Black Friday 2019?

It falls this year on 29 November, but Black Friday sales aren’t confined to just the day itself – not in the hyper-competitive market, where retailers offer competitive deals in the preceding days, often pitched as “teaser” offers. You can expect companies like Argos, Currys and Amazon to start announcing price drops a fortnight before Black Friday itself.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday takes place on the Monday after Black Friday. Traditionally, retailers doubled down on their price slashing with online sales, but most now run deals throughout the whole weekend.

One challenge, during this frenzied four-day period, is to know when to strike. If you buy a product on the Friday, it may well be even cheaper by the Monday. If you hold on for the Monday, it could be sold out by then.


This story was originally published by Matt Breen,

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