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Work from Home Tools to Make Your Remote Work Life Easy

Work from Home Tools to Make Your Remote Work Life Easy

productivity tools

Are you still working remotely or do you plan to work remotely shortly? If yes, I’m sure you need some tools for it. There are so many options available nowadays that can make your work life much easier.

Here’s a list of 20 tools that you might find useful when working from home:

  1. Dropbox: A free and paid service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. It also makes sure that everything is synced between devices.
  2. Evernote: A great tool to store bookmarks in the cloud, create notes with your voice, take handwritten notes on any device via Skitch, etc.
  3. Feedly: A free service to read all your favorite websites, blogs and feeds in one place.
  1. Google Drive: A free service to create and share docs, spreadsheets, and presentations online and collaborate with others online. You can also open Microsoft Office files without having MS Office installed on your computer.
  2. Google Maps: A free service that lets you find places anywhere in the world and get step-by-step directions or traffic conditions while driving there. You can choose to share your location with others too.
  3. iDoneThis: A service that helps you make progress on your daily tasks by sending you an email every evening asking what you have achieved that day.
  4. LikeThatPage: A free service to keep track of when web pages are updated.
  5. Picnik: An online photo editor with effects, filters, and editing tools for cropping/resizing/brightness/contrast photos without losing the quality.
  6. Pixlr: Another online photo editor with webcam support to enhance your photos while taking them via the webcam.
  7. Skype: A free service that lets you make calls from a computer, smartphone or tablet over a high-speed Internet connection. It also allows you to call landlines and cell phones worldwide for a fraction of the cost.
  8. Toggl: A time tracking service that lets you track time for your different tasks and projects online. You can also use it offline if you want to track time without an Internet connection.
To conclude, once you have access to these tools, you can conveniently work from home without having to go out every day. I hope you find this list helpful.


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