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7 Ways to Save Energy at Home

7 Ways to Save Energy at Home

consume less energy

Want to Save Energy at Home? Here are Quick & Easy Ways to Do It.

  1. Install timers on your lights. It’s easy to forget that you left your lights on when you are not in the room but with a simple timer, you can avoid this problem as well as save energy.
  2. If you can, unplug electronic equipment when it’s not in use as this reduces the strain on your electricity supply and pays for itself within two months according to studies. For example, turning off a PC overnight will save a good amount of energy for you.
  3. If you have a home security system, change the batteries regularly to avoid discharging your backup supply unnecessarily. When you use batteries that are old, you run the risk of having a power outage.
  4. If you have gas appliances, make sure that they are clean and adjusted for efficiency. For example, a dirty stove burner can waste up to 25% of its fuel, and reducing this means big savings on your energy bill.
  5. Keep an eye out for drafts around doors and windows and seal any that you find with caulk or weather-stripping so that air doesn’t heat up in summer and escape through these places let cool air escape in winter.
  6. Keep the thermostat at a reasonable level in summer so you don’t have to use air-conditioning. You can also keep it low during winter when you are not around for a long time to avoid heating up your house, which would unnecessarily increase your electricity bill.
  7. Install solar screens on top windows so that they don’t absorb the sunlight in summer and create heat inside the house. Getting a solar screen is not only a good idea to save energy but also to protect your furniture and carpet from fading.
If you are looking to conserve electricity at your home, these are the tips you need to follow; simply implement them at your home and you would not only reduce your electricity bill but also contribute to the environment.

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