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The 5 Types of Junk We Deal with Everyday

The 5 Types of Junk We Deal with Everyday

liquid waste

Did you know there are five common types of junk? Most people are not familiar with them!

In general, there are five types of junk people deal with every day. You need to know about them before thinking of junk removal.

1. Liquid Waste

This type of waste is often the most problematic. That is because it needs to be disposed of in such a way that will not disturb your everyday life, especially if you have children and pets. It needs special waste treatment so you need to contact professional cleaning teams and their liquid waste removal services if the waste is large.

2. Solid Waste

Solid waste can be of many types. It is not limited to only household garbage but rather it includes things like furniture, appliances, and electronic gadgets too. Some of these things may still work, but you can’t fix them anymore, hence making them useless. This type of waste can be disposed of in a variety of different ways. One way is to recycle them, another is to reuse them creatively.

3. Organic Junk

Organic junk is any garbage that comes from plants and animals. It could be food, paper waste, or the waste a gardener may have. This type of trash should never be put in with your solid trash because it needs to decompose first. Recycling organic waste is a good idea too.

4. Hazardous Waste

4. Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste includes things like paint, chemicals, and batteries which you should dispose of through special hazardous waste disposal companies. It’s best not to throw these types of junk in with your household trash as they can be dangerous if mixed up or thrown out incorrectly.

5. Institutional Waste

This kind of junk usually includes medical or industrial wastes that can be hazardous to the public. They need a proper way of disposal. In some cases, they may require special equipment and knowledge that regular waste removal companies do not possess.

Using Demo Bags to Haul, Dispose of Junk

Remove Household Junk Using Demo Bags® – The perfect bags to remove all types of waste. These are contractor woven bags built with polypropylene fiber for long-term strength. They are recyclable and 100% eco-friendly.

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