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A Simple Post-Party Cleanup Guide

A Simple Post-Party Cleanup Guide

after-party cleanup

Cleaning up after a party could be a challenging task for some people. Even when someone has the time to spare to clean up, they still might not know what they should be doing or how to do it properly. This article aims to give you an easy step-by-step guide on keeping your home neat after a party.

Step 1 – The Approach

After the party is over, just sit down and take a moment to relax. The party is over, the guests are gone, it’s time for you to decide how you would like to clean up. A good thing to do first is to plan out your approach to cleaning up.  

Step 2 – Clear Everything Away

Then, clear all snacks and food away from the area where people gather in your home. Take out any leftover drinks or alcoholic beverages that are still full. You don’t want to leave anything out.

Step 3 – The Living Room and Kitchen

Take a glance at the living room and kitchen areas of your home. Are there any stains or spills on the floor? If so, use a wet towel and wipe them away immediately. This will prevent anyone from slipping and injuring themselves. If there are stains on the couch, sofa, or carpet, be sure to use a gentle and mild soap and water mixture and clean it off. You don’t want any sort of harsh chemicals to ruin your expensive carpeting or couches. 

Step 4 –  The Bathroom

Clean up any messes that you see in the bathroom. If there are stains or hair on your sinks and mirrors, use a disinfectant to clean them off. Clean out your trashcan and change the toilet paper roll if it’s empty. 

Step 5 – The Bedrooms 

Give all of your bedrooms a quick look-over. Are there any stains or food crumbs on the floor? You’ll want to clean those up as well if they’re there; otherwise, your guests might be able to slip and fall in them. If you have a bedroom closet, take out all the dirty clothes you have lying around and put them in a laundry hamper.

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