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Last Minute Relocating Checklist

Last Minute Relocating Checklist

checklist for relocating

Looking to relocate? Do you want to know how to relocate smoothly without any hassles? Well, here is a simple checklist to get you started.

1. Plan for your relocating

This is a very important aspect of the relocation. If you have a plan, you will be well on track to a smooth relocation.

2. Collect all your belongings

This may seem difficult but it is not rocket science after all; we are just talking about relocating from one place to another! So, pick every item that is important to you and put it in a box. Pack them up using newspapers to prevent the items from being damaged.

3. Get all your affairs in order

You need to sort out your bills, make sure they are paid, or else you will be cut off! Pay any outstanding debts, inform your children’s school about the relocation and get your mail redirection sorted.

4. Create a new place for necessary utilities

You need to set up a new account for your utilities. It will be easier if you use the same company as an old utility supplier, even if their price is higher.

5. Consider the right day to relocate

Relocating on weekends or holidays can be very inconvenient because most people are busy doing other things at this time of the year. So, try to relocate on weekdays when it is less crowded.

6.  Keep your relocation company informed

Mention the day on which you want them to begin working on your particular project. If they are not aware of the date, they will be caught off guard and will work at their own pace.

7. Carefully pack everything

Make sure everything is wrapped properly so that it does not get damaged during transit. You can use newspaper or bubble wrap to wrap any fragile items, while some other items may be covered with clothing.

8. Choose the best relocating company

The shifting process cannot be done without any professional help. Make sure you choose your hauler and relocator carefully so that you are not overcharged. Haultail® same-day pickup and delivery service is available upon request. We also provide junk removal services including full-service packing to make your move easy and stress-free.

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