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Cuomo: Coronavirus Case Numbers Over 4,000 as Testing Expands


Governor Andrew Cuomo gave an update from Albany Thursday morning, again reiterating no plans for the city to be shut down as the state continues to combat the spread of coronavirus.

There are now 4,152 confirmed cases statewide, 2,469 in the city alone. Out of the statewide total, 777 patients are hospitalized.

Overall, the state’s current hospitalization rate is 19 percent.

Governor Cuomo says officials are now fighting a war on two fronts, the virus itself and the fear surrounding it.

He says the main focus remains keeping the spread factor down to a rate the health care system can manage.

Cuomo says he spoke with President Donald Trump and noted the federal government is now mobilized in its response.

As part of the statewide effort to contain the spread, Governor Cuomo is ordering businesses to have no more than 25 percent of their employees working on site.

Cuomo says having 75 percent of the workforce either staying at home or working from home will help social distancing efforts.

Governor Cuomo says the state has about 50,000 hospital beds.

He says the need now is to find room for more hospital beds, the amount of protective equipment for health care workers and, more importantly, ventilators.

Cuomo says the state currently has about 5,000 to 6,000 but that the number needed is about 30,000.

Also of note, Governor Cuomo announced a 90-day mortgage relief plan. It includes waiving payments, late fees and gives a grace period for loan modifications.

It will also postpone or suspend foreclosures.

Cuomo says the modifications will have no negative effect on New Yorkers’ credit reports.


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