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How to help the climate this Christmas – smart ideas to protect the environment

Christmas Tree

Keep the holiday spirit going year-round by recycling your tree when the decorations come down.

Christmas trees cannot be thrown out in kerbside rubbish or recycling wheelie bins. Christmas trees provide valuable organic material ideal for composting rather than being sent to landfill.

We’ve put together a list of how Kiwis can dispose of their tree in the right way:

1. Compost it in your garden bag

If you have a private garden bag or bin collection, check if they accept Christmas trees.

2. Check with Christmas tree farms

Some Christmas tree farms accept trees purchased from anywhere, for free, to use for mulch or compost.

3. Ask your Christmas tree supplier

If you’re using a Christmas tree collection service, check that they collect from inside your property (not the kerbside) and if they will put the tree to good use, such as for mulch or compost.

4. Call your local transfer station

You can take Christmas trees to some transfer stations for a fee. Make sure you check opening hours and locations.

5. Enjoy a live plant instead

Buy a potted traditional Christmas tree that can be planted in your garden afterwards. For a kiwi-style Christmas, choose a pohutukawa or other native tree. After the festive season, plant it in your garden or donate it to a local community organisation for planting.

Don’t be a grinch: dispose of it correctly

Each year, there are multiple instances of trees being dumped illegally. Neighbours report them abandoned on the side of the road, on the kerb, and on grass verges. Some get dumped in public parks or thrown into local waterways.


This story was originally published by aucklandcouncil.govt

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