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Intelligent Packaging – Save Money on Freight Costs


Smart packaging not only secures your products but also allows you to save on transport costs. Weight and size of package are two factors that influence the cost of a delivery. You have a lot of choice, but you need to match the choice to your needs. You don’t need a carton for something that can be packed securely in a box, and you don’t want to use an unpadded envelope for something with pointed edges. 

Bubble wraps, boxes, and cushioned packages are available in all sizes. Flat open polybags, resealable polybags, gusseted polybags, slider zip bags, hang hole bags, crates, boxes, cartons of all sizes, bubble wrap, foam, gloves, etc are the packing materials that you may purchase online or from the nearest store. Compare products for dimensional stability, strength, and of course prices. 

Choose lightweight packing materials, such as poly mailers. These will add up to bringing the costs down and allow you to ship more. These tips are for particular importance if you’re running a business and wish to ship products to customers. When you pay less for freight and transport, you add to your profits. 

Remember to label from and destination details on packages. Number packages so that these can be tallied. For example, if you’re shifting residence and have 20 parcels that need to be transported, you can easily check for what’s delivered if you have numbered packages that can be tallied with a list that you’ve got. 

Haultail has a wide range of packing options that are eco-friendly, tough, and reusable. Check out the range of bags available. With our app, you’re never more than a few taps away from getting the right bags, right vehicle, and a courteous driver at your doorstep at the agreed time and at great rates.

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