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Our environment – land, air, and water – is being smothered and deluged by a gigantic overload of plastic. This material does not biodegrade, and its degradation takes a very long time, up to 1000 years and more. In short, plastic is a major pollutant. 

Unfortunately, it is one of the major materials used in packing. Conscientious businesses are moving away from plastic for packaging materials. We know that plastic is made from petroleum and its derivatives. The sourcing, processing, and manufacturing involved in the making of plastic is a highly polluting procedure. 

Plastic bags are used for a very short period and then discarded. Eco-friendly bags are an alternative to plastic. Haultail® has made a conscientious choice to use eco-friendly packaging and do its bit for society and the environment. 

Eco-friendly bags offer many benefits. Consider the following. 

More than 500 billion plastic bags are used each year. Even if we bring down this number by a quarter, we can save the earth from a lot of pollution and also save valuable resources such as water and electricity that are used in the process for creating plastic bags. 

Plastic bags are responsible for 10% of the debris that litters our coastlines, and they enter the food chain after breaking down into small particles. Ultimately, they enter our bodies. 

Do you know that 12 million barrels of oil are used in the U.S each year only for making plastic bags? This does not include oil used for transporting plastics and related raw materials. When we use eco-friendly bags we use less of all the precious resources. We also spend far less on recycling. Recycling is expensive business and a necessary evil in the present scenario. It places a fiscal burden on municipalities and it pollutes as well.

Plastic bags are taxed. They are no longer offered free when you purchase something. In many places around the world, plastic bags are being banned. 

Eco-friendly bags available with Haultail® are strong and can be reused. These bags can be carried comfortably too. Stop buying plastic bags, save money, save the environment, free up space in your home…go green.


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