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Interesting Facts about Junk in the US

Interesting Facts about Junk in the US

facts about junk in the US

Facts related to trash in the USA

There are many facts about junk that we are not aware of. Junk is all around us. Knowing about what happens to the junk is not only interesting, but it can be quite informative as well. Here are some facts about junk that will make you think twice before deciding to throw something out next time.


1) On an average pick up a pickup truck can carry between 1000-3000 lbs in a single load.

2) The average person throws away 4 pounds of junk a day.

3) If you put all the junk thrown away at family picnics in one place, it would have a mass of about 136 million tons. This is more than half the mass of rubbish produced every year by the US population as a whole.

4) Most of the junk is recyclable except plastic and non-biodegradable items.

5) About 70% of the items made for American homes are used only once and then thrown away.

6) Of all the garbage produced in America, only 40% is recycled. The rest ends up buried in a landfill or polluting our waterways and groundwater.

7) It costs more to dump trash than it does to recycle it. 

8) One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.

9) Americans throw away enough office paper each year to build a 12-foot high wall of paper from New York to Los Angeles.

10) If all the trash produced in the US in one day was put on trucks and taken away, it would create a line of trucks that would stretch from New York to California more than twice.

11) Some US homes have 6-10 TVs, but only 1-2 of them are being used on a regular basis. The rest are considered junk.

12) It has been estimated that the average American uses 10 trees worth of paper products during their lifetime.

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