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9 Environmental Benefits of Planting a Tree

9 Environmental Benefits of Planting a Tree

advantages of planting trees

There are many environmental benefits of planting a tree. It’s a simple yet surprisingly effective way to help the environment. Some of those benefits are:

1. Reducing Climate Change

Planting trees directly contributes to preserving the environment and helps reduce climate change.

By absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide and other gasses that cause air pollution, trees reduce the amount of those gasses in our atmosphere. This contributes to slowing down global warming by reducing greenhouse gases.

2. Providing a Place for Wildlife

Planting a tree provides shelter and habitat for wildlife. Many creatures live in trees. Some of them include birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other small mammals. Tree bark makes a good home for insects as well.

3. Purifying Air and Water

Trees absorb water through their roots and release it back into the air as vapor. This creates an equilibrium in moisture levels and actually helps to purify the air we breathe, as well as water sources such as lakes and rivers.

4. Reducing Soil Erosion

Planting trees along hillsides helps prevent soil erosion. It’s a natural barrier that makes it more difficult for rainwater to wash away the soil.

5. Preventing Landslides

A combination of trees alongside hillsides and other vegetation help prevent landslides by absorbing excess water, stabilizing the soil, and providing root systems that bind the soil together.

6. Saving Water

Trees help reduce the amount of water that evaporates from local water sources which reduces the need to use potable, or drinkable, water for irrigation. This benefits both people and wildlife.

7. Cooling Down the Streets

When you plant trees, it also helps  reduce the temperature of streets and roofs, as well as homes. Additionally, it makes living in those houses cooler during the summer by providing shade and protection from sunlight.

8. More Oxygen in Our Air

Planting trees helps increase oxygen in our air as it uses the CO2 released during photosynthesis to produce more oxygen. This benefits us as we use oxygen for respiration and all other living creatures on Earth.

9. Trees help reduce flooding

When heavy rains come, trees absorb water through their roots. This reduces the pressure of the rain on soil and prevents flooding.

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