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Jaguar Land Rover wants to move your butt for you as you drive


Long drives, much like long flights, can result in health issues simply because of the inactivity of sitting there not moving for so long. Jaguar Land Rover plans to solve this by literally moving your lower body for you by way of actuators in your seat.

The “morphable” seat will move your hips subtly underneath you, “a movement known as pelvic oscillation,” which the company says can help fool your brain into thinking you’re actually walking. This can apparently help mitigate the detrimental effects of so much sitting, with Jaguar hinting that it might help with back pain.

Oddly enough, this might be the next fashion trend to hit the automotive industry now that everyone’s got an “intelligent voice assistant,” because it seems Hyundai’s luxury offshoot Genesis is doing something similar in its GV80 SUV.

So, if you look sideways at the lights and the driver next to you appears to be doing a slow pelvic gyration as you make eye contact, don’t make any assumptions. And we look forward to never, ever seeing this technology in the economy section of an international airliner where we could really use it.

The video below is magnificently bland and unenlightening, but knock yourself out.


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