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crude prices

Gas prices for the Labor Day weekend are the lowest for the holiday in three years, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.


Pennsylvania’s gas price average continues to drop and is on track to be at least 25 cents less than last year. Lower crude prices and an increase in gasoline supply along the East Coast are helping drivers save money as they take their last summer road trip, AAA officials said.


Gas prices in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area average $2.69 per gallon, down 34 cents from last year and four cents in the last week. The national gas price average is $2.58 per gallon.


As Hurricane Dorian takes aim at the Florida in the coming days, AAA said it is unlikely to impact critical Gulf Coast refining infrastructure like Hurricane Harvey did in 2017. That means local gas prices should remain unaffected.


Leading up to the hurricane’s landfall, however, gas supplies are likely to tighten in Florida. Depending on the weather prior to the storm’s arrival, fuel deliveries could be reduced, limiting fuel supply at terminals and at Florida fueling stations. AAA said that means gas prices could see spikes locally and regionally as motorists flock to stations to top off vehicles.


Original story from Citizens Voice

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