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National Hurricane Center Monitoring Multiple Disturbances as Hurricane Season Heats Up



BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – National Hurricane Center is monitoring a couple new weather developments that could impact Florida over the next week.

The first development is a low pressure system in the Gulf that is 100 miles south-southwest of Panama City.

The system currently has limited thunderstorm activity, but some development could still be possible before it moves inland on Florida early Monday.

Experts at the National Hurricane Center are projecting the system to evolve into a larger low pressure system and move northeastward, possibly emerging offshore of the Carolinas later this week where environmental conditions are expected to be more ripe for development.

Currently, forecasters are giving the system a 40-percent chance to have further development in five days when it ventures back into the Atlantic.

The second system the National Hurricane Center is watching on Sunday is a tropical wave 700 miles east of the Windward Island.

It is currently producing some disorganized rain showers and thunderstorms, but there is a small chance it could develop further on Monday as it enters warmer waters in the Atlantic. Experts with NHC mention that that the system will reach unfavorable conditions for further development on Tuesday when it is expected to move through the Lesser Antiles.

Lesser Antiles is expected to see heavy rainfall and gusty winds for some of the nearby islands.

As of Sunday, NHC gives this weather system a 10-percent chance of further development over the next five days.


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