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Porsche has a new, cheaper version of the all-electric Taycan

electric cars

Porsche introduced Monday the Taycan 4S, a third version of its all-electric vehicle.

The 4S, which will offer a performance-battery-plus option, looks like the Taycan that Porsche unveiled in September. And indeed, inside all of the Taycans, including the 4S, are the same chassis and suspension, permanent magnet synchronous motors and other bits.

But this version is a little lighter, cheaper and a skosh slower than the high-end versions of the Taycan that were introduced just seven weeks ago.

Porsche has always said it would have multiple versions of the Taycan. In September, the German automaker showed what $1 billion of initial investment looks like with the Taycan Turbo S and Taycan Turbo — the more powerful and expensive versions of its all-electric four-door sports car with base prices of $185,000 and $150,900, respectively.

Meanwhile, the base version Porsche Taycan 4S is more than $80,000 cheaper than its leading model.

The 4S will be available with two battery sizes. The standard 4S starts at $103,800 and comes with a 79.2 kWh battery pack and a pair of electric motors that produce 429 horsepower (320 kW). With the launch control engaged, the horsepower jumps to 522.

Customers who opt for the performance-battery-plus version of the 4S will shell out at least $110,380 for a vehicle with a 93.4 kWh battery and dual electric motors that can produce up to 563 hp (420 kW).

Both of the 4S models have a top speed of 155 miles per hour and can travel from 0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds.

The Taycan 4S is scheduled to arrive in U.S. dealerships in spring 2020.

The 4S is no match for the Turbo S, the most powerful Taycan, which has an output of 616 hp (or 751 hp with the launch control engaged). The Turbo S has a maximum torque of 774 pound-feet and can travel from 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds. Of course, that kind of power comes at a price. The Taycan Turbo S starts at $185,000.

Porsche has yet to release the EPA battery range estimates for the 4S — or for the Turbo S or Turbo for that matter. The EPA range estimate for the North American market is pending for all of the vehicles. Under Europe’s WLTP estimates, the Turbo S can travel 256 miles on a single charge, while the Turbo has a range of 280 miles.


This article was originally published on techcrunch

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