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Recycling on Halloween: are candy wrappers recyclable?

candy wrappers

Are candy wrappers recyclable?

Halloween is filled with fun treats and snacks which come wrapped in all sorts of packing, but unfortunately, recycling candy wrappers is often not possible, and they should be disposed of in the trash. Candy wrappers are made of what is known as “multi material packaging.” Which means that the packaging is made up of several types of materials. Most candy has a shiny metal on the inside as compared to the outside, which helps protect and keep treats fresh. However its this packaging which makes it very difficult to recycle due to our inability of separating the materials from each other.

Residential recycling programs are designed for items like bottles, jugs, cans, jars, cardboard, and mail, but not candy wrappers. The wrappers are small and lightweight, and the sorting equipment used by recycling programs is just not capable of sorting it out. If they can not be sorted out, they will contaminate other valuable recyclable material streams, making them much harder to reuse.

  • Share what you’ve learned. Start by making sure you and other family members know to dispose of candy wrappers in the trash.
  • Protect your recycling bin. Make a fun Halloween sign for your recycling bin that says, “No Candy Wrappers!”.
  • Go Above and Beyond. Research special mail-back or drop-off programs that accept candy wrappers separately for recycling. These innovative new programs are able to separate multi-material packaging and handle candy wrappers when collected separately.
  • Make your own candy. Reduce candy wrapper waste by making your own. Get creative and fun in the kitchen preparing sweet treats for the whole family.

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