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The 5 Best Rental Listing Sites in 2021

The 5 Best Rental Listing Sites in 2021

ental listing websites

Let’s just face it, renting a home is a hell of a lot easier than buying one. If you look at the trends in real estate and see that more people are renting than are buying, this shouldn’t be too surprising. But the question is how do you actually find a house on rent? 

You can do it by exploring several websites:

1. Zillow

With its numerous tools, Zillow is a great option for finding homes on rent. The website provides information about all types of houses such as the number of bedrooms & bathrooms it has, how much it’s going to cost you to live there and more. The site also gives you an estimate of what kind of rent you can expect to pay, the rent-back ratio as well as the rental rate. You can also get detailed information about each home that you find on this site.

2. RentCafe

RentCafe compiles data from a wide range of resources such as Craigslist and Trulia to give you a better outlook about homes for rent in your area. You can also find other homes that are listed in other rental websites on this site. RentCafe gives you a thorough analysis of the house and tells you about its major features and so on.

3. Zumper

Zumper is a useful tool for finding apartments on rent by providing you with detailed info about the apartment. As soon as new listings are posted, Zumper automatically updates all the info related to the listing and even offers you a map view of each property along with various photos.

4. HotPads

HotPads is another great tool if you’re looking for a house to rent. The website has more than 1 million listings of various homes and you can have access to all the info related to each listing, including photos, the location map and a lot more.

5. is another good option to find a house on rent because it helps you with your neighborhood searches and provides you with detailed info about the listing including everything from photos to price. You can also use this website to communicate with the owner of the house or an agent who represents them so that things get cleared up much faster.

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