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The Rise of Electric Vehicles in Delivery Businesses

The Rise of Electric Vehicles in Delivery Businesses

electric vehicles in same day delivery businesses

How Electric Vehicles are Becoming Mainstream in Drop & Delivery Business

The way we move goods around the country is changing, fast. As electric cars become more affordable and available to a wider audience, they are set to revolutionize the courier industry and potentially transform it.

With growing concerns over air quality in cities like New York and Los Angeles, and a desire for businesses, especially same-day services to support greener initiatives, electric vehicles (EV) are likely to become the next big thing in delivery services.

The average car on a parcel delivery fleet can travel around 75,000 miles per year. That is an incredible amount of fuel being used and a substantial CO2 footprint being left behind. The US Department of Energy estimates that EVs could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 46% in urban transport alone.

The benefits of operating a fleet of electric vehicles are clear. This would save last-mile delivery businesses money on fuel costs and also increase the market value of their fleet, which can then be written off against taxable income. Courier companies are already investing heavily in this technology. It is therefore only a matter of time before other on-demand delivery businesses follow suit and make the switch from combustion engines to electric motors.

However, battery technology is still relatively underdeveloped. There are issues with range anxiety – the fear of running out of power before reaching your destination – and the cost of batteries means that it can be uneconomical to use an EV for shorter journeys. 

Once the battery technology sector matures, there would be no looking back for the electric vehicle industry. The world would become a cleaner, more efficient place to live in and one where air pollution is no longer an issue. The future looks brighter for this industry than ever before.

These vehicles will gradually become one of the cornerstones of the delivery and courier industry in the near future. From electric scooters to bikes and cars, our cities will be welcoming an entirely new range of delivery vehicles.

This potentially marks the start of a paradigm shift in how goods are delivered to customers around our country. It is certainly an exciting time for those working within this industry and it will be fascinating to see what happens next.

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