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Tornadoes hit Texas, 1 person dead after storms in Arkansas


One man is dead in Benton County, Arkansas, after wind gusts of up to 80 mph caused a tree to fall on his lake house in the Beaver Lake area at about 1:30 a.m. Monday morning.

There have been 120 damaging storm reports in 6 states so far, this includes 3 tornadoes in Texas with one being in the Dallas area and two being in eastern Texas east of Tyler.

In McIntosh County, Oklahoma, winds gusted to 82 mph and damage was reported throughout the state from Oklahoma City to Tulsa.

Baseball-sized hail was also reported in Johnston and Lincoln counties in Oklahoma.

This morning, a tornado watch continues for a huge part of the heartland from southern Illinois to eastern Texas. Severe storms with a threat for tornadoes will also be possible this morning.

This afternoon, the storm system that brought all the severe weather overnight to the southern Plains will move into the Gulf Coast with the largest tornado threat being from Louisiana to Misissippi.

Damaging winds will be possible from Memphis to Mobile and New Orleans to Houston.

This storm system moves east on Tuesday with severe storms possible in the Carolinas.


This article was originally published on  abcnews

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