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4 Different Types of Delivery Services

last mile delivery service

There are many different types of delivery services that a consumer could choose from to send their package, but there are 4 main ones.

1. On-Demand Delivery Service

The on-demand delivery service is the one that most consumers are used to. This type of delivery can be made by anyone with a car or truck, but people use it in conjunction with their job at times.

The places where you can get these types of deliveries done usually have large fleets of cars and trucks available so they can serve customers all day long.

These fleets are usually owned by the business itself or contracted out to another company. Some establishments even outsource these services so they can focus on their core competencies.

Hautail® Same Day pick up  and delivery is a good example of a reliable delivery service provider. We  offer same day courier, pick up and delivery services.

2. Self-Pickup Service

These types of delivery services are similar to the on-demand ones, but instead of someone driving a car or truck to your location and driving away with your package once everything is done, they simply drop it off at the front desk of the company. 

Then you pick up your own package from a secured area. No one is there to greet you which makes these types of services ideal for those who have strong feelings about privacy. 

3. Third-Party Pickup Service

This type of service requires that you drive or walk to a third party location where they will give you your package if they have it ready. In most cases they do not keep packages as long as other businesses so if you need something quickly then this might be one of the faster ways to get your stuff.

4. The Last-Mile Delivery Service

This type of service is the most expensive but also the fastest if you need it right away. This service is used by large companies that have warehouses in many different areas. They can take your package and process it for delivery using their fleet of trucks, then they will hand off to another company that will send it to you. 

This way they are saving money on labor costs because they only pay one person to do all the work instead of multiple ones, plus they can use more localized drivers which makes them even more efficient.

In some cases a business might use a combination of these services or may create its own unique model as well depending on what exactly they are trying to accomplish.

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