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6 Insanely Clever Bedroom Storage Hacks

bedroom storage hacks

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Do you want to create space in your bedroom? Are you looking for storage ideas for your bedroom? Here are a few insanely clever storage ideas that you can do now.
  1. A bedside shelf is a great addition to your bedroom. Also, use the shelf for decoration as well as storage. Place candy, magazines, or some decorative items on the shelf above your bed. It can also be used for keeping your phone, alarm clock, or glasses. Turn it into a bedside table.
  2. Have a clothes rack in the corner that will allow you to easily hang your clothes every day. use it to store your shoes, belts, and bags too. And, then use the base of the rack to keep items on it that you need occasionally. Hang the rack by using adhesive hooks or rope.
  3. Store your yoga mat on the wall or in the closet. It is very effective to use adhesive hooks for hanging your yoga mat. Then make a DIY clothes hanger rack using wooden planks and rope. Use drawer knobs, nails, and paint for making a sweater hanger.
  4. You can use closet rod covers for keeping supplies, magazines, or some decorative items. If you want to display collections of books that you have read, then buy a few bookends and stick them on the closet wall. You can also use bookends for keeping small things like coins, keys, and cell phones.
  5. Use old wine crates to store some important documents and photographs in a corner of the room. This can be created in any design that you want using the shadow box.
  6. Create under-bed baskets for storing blankets, clothes, and extra storage boxes. You can also use plastic bins for keeping these things in an organized manner under the bed.
These storage ideas are for those people who have limited space but want to create more spaces for storing things. These ideas will help you create more space in a stylish way without costing you much.

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