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The Great Marketing Campaigns of All Time

advertising slogans

Back in the days of three television networks, AM radio, and newspapers, advertising was a competitive market that produced some of the most hilarious marketing efforts ever.

The desire to get attention, make a purchase, and change people’s ideas of a product or company has not altered.

The basic principles of excellent marketing haven’t changed as much as you might believe, which is why today’s iconic advertising campaigns may include going viral.

1. Nike – Just Do It Campaign

Nike’s Just Do It “media event” changed the way people look at advertisements.

People who believed Nike was a shoe company got a lesson about what they really stood for – performance, competition, and perseverance. The campaign used a celebrity endorsement from a sports icon to sell shoes primarily for those wanting an edge in their next athletic contest.

2. Volkswagen – Think Small Campaign

Volkswagen’s Think Small campaign proved to people that a small car could have great power and gave them an idea of how little fuel the Beetle needed. Today, this campaign is a classic example of a unique marketing effort that stuck with consumers long after the ad airings ended.

3. Apple – 1984 Super Bowl Ad

Apple’s “1984” ad changed the way marketers use celebrities. This commercial used a popular actor at the time, along with an inspiring soundtrack, to empower consumers and make them believe their product was better than what was on the market. Apple didn’t even show you what that product could do; instead they showed you how it would make you feel.

4. Starbucks – White Cup Campaign

Starbucks’s white cup campaign capitalized on people’s need to believe in something. It gave their brand a look and an idea of what it stood for, making consumers feel like part of the “white cup club.” The company used minimalism to its advantage by showing us what they could do with less.

5. Calvin Klein’s Obsession Campaign

Calvin Klein’s Obsession campaign was so popular it went viral even before social media existed. The ads showed models in suggestive poses wearing very little clothing to sell jeans, which put CK on the map. The sexy, provocative images drew attention to its products and made them desirable.

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